HEADLINE | Bring IT Radio Debuts on FBRN

The Gospel Bowl @ FBRN

The Gospel Bowl @ FBRN

 Highlight REEL:

1) Tiffany did an awesome job following my scattered out self around the room.

2) We recorded our promo and ROB (our hero) edited our laughing, possibly snorting flubs, missed cues and overall poor timing out to make an awesome ad for the show!

Here is the view from the window.

Room with a View

3) THE SHOW WAS GREAT. We shared the story of our chance encounter that ultimately led us to the radio station where we do our show! We wrap the show by examining people in Scripture who experienced chance encounters that became divine appointments.

4) I’m loading up a few fun phone photos Tiff shot throughout the day… We had a blast.

After recording our promo in which we laughed and flubbed and ROB@FBRN became our hero because you would never know it by the product he provided. AWESOME JOB!

Recording a Promo

5) If you missed all the back and forth on FB you should check it out… I had 1.5 hours of sleep last night and skipped the slow worship on the drive into the studio for fear of slipping off into eternal rest! Enjoy the photos and podcast…

If you have not already, “LIKE” this page. For heaven’s sake… LIKE us or else we’ll have to get ministry for rejection.

Didn’t catch the show? Check out our podcast 01/22/2014 | Bring IT Radio (DEBUT) “Chance Encounters or Something More?” (Coming soon to an iTunes near you! )

FINALLY, this highlight reel is officially in the can & That’s A WRAP!

Until next time, I’m signing off…

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