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(This week’s podcast is a bit rough in the beginning due to technical issues with the servers. After the first few minutes the talk portions are solid with a few dropped feed moments in musical breaks. ENJOY & #TALKback!)

This week’s show was all about Embracing & Receiving the only Love that will ever satisfy the longings of our souls. Tiffany and I met

Psalm 90

down the street from the studio for breakfast this week to go over the show plans and just sync our hearts with where the Lord has each of us on this topic. We had a great meeting until I looked at my watch and realized we were running 15 minutes late. I hit the home button on my phone to check the time and saw a missed call from Mindy who would be joining us in the studio to CHECK OUT INTERNET RADIO!

And as the forces of this crazy, fallen world we live in would have it – the servers were down when we arrived at the studio. FishbowlRob, our faithful office manager and all around “TECH” Guy was great under the pressure of not being able to get us on the air due to the technical problems. He worked diligently until the servers came up and he kept pace with any lapses when the servers blinked while we were on the air.

photo 2

When we finally got on the air my 12 pages of notes nearly went out the plate glass window that we face from our chairs behind the microphone. 😐 But somehow with the help of Mindy and Tiffany I managed to get the music loaded in our Queue while they talked through our topic and the subject of Valentine’s Day – which is why we are calling the show, “Will you be Mine?” 

When the best laid plans go awry you often want to do anything but #bringIT with love, but that would be our topic for two hours. A test… I think perhaps yes. A temptation… I think more so yes. A victory for us… A Resounding Yes!

Tiffany opened us up with: “Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.” Psalm 90:14 (NLT) 

Jesus came to us as a man wrapped around the fullness of God who is LOVE, and expressed that love fully to us both through Hisphoto 1 life, His death and His words. When Tiffany and I talked about God’s love before the show she mentioned how God had used 1 Corinthians 13 to introduce her to His unconditional and beautiful love. Listen for the great activation that helped Tiffany connect with God’s heart of love through our passage.

We closed out the first segment by introducing our mix of music for the breaks. I mentioned how God had introduced me to new revelations of His Love through popular and traditional love songs. And so it was that our play list went something like this: 

  • Closer – Bethel Music
  • Marry Me – Train (Listen for Tiffany’s testimony of how God spoke His love to her through this beautiful song)
  • Nothing’s Gonna’ Change My Love for You – Glenn Medeiros (Listen for Michelle’s story about how God used this song to set a woman’s heart free from mother wounds.)
  • Beautiful Day – Jamie Grace (Just love it – fun, up beat and one of Tiff’s faves)
  • Beautiful Exchange – Hillsong Chapel (This led to an impromptu moment you won’t want to miss – off script but so the heart of God for us)
  • The Way You Love Me – Anthony Evans (It was beautiful to see Tiff worship in the studio before sharing her story of how God ministered to her heart through this song about Love healing the brokenness in our lives.)
  • Oh My Dear – 10th Avenue North (HMMM… Setting us up for our closing segment. Listen for what Michelle shares about ear buds, singing at the top of her lungs and walking the dog here!)
  • My Dear – Bethel Live (This song did not make it onto the air – something glitched and it skipped away. But, check it out from the Loft Sessions CD. Two songs expressing such beautiful pictures of going from sinner in need of love and grace to saved and rejoicing in His love for me!)
  • The Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston (Michelle’s testimony)
  • Eight Days a Week – Beatles (Yep! We went there. God’s got nothing but love, babe – Eight Days a Week!)

photo 3We wrapped the show with three points and an activation. The points come from the greatest commandments in Mark 12:30-31: 1) Love God 2) Love Yourself (not selfishly, but

learning to see yourself and love yourself based on God’s love for you and who He created you to be), and 3) When we love God with all our heart, all our soul all our mind and all our strength – we begin to grasp how deep, wide and high the great love of God is for us and then we can fully love others as we love ourselves. Embracing and Receiving God’s Love is important because we can only give away by the measure of what we have received. 2 Corinthians 3 talks about those who follow Christ being a Love Letter to the World – a testimony of the Love of God and perhaps the only Gospel some people might ever read. YOU ARE A LOVE LETTER WRITTEN BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!

photo 6

photo 4


Selah on that for a little while. Oh friends, He does love us so – and we can only pour out our lives in worship to Him because He  first loved us, and that perfect love not only casts out fear but is the only love that will ever truly satisfy our souls. (1 John 4, Psalm 90:18). 

Be sure to tune in on February 26th 11 am to 1 pm CST to hear the inspiring story of how Josh and Chelsea Barnes allowed God to walk them through losing their firstborn in a drowning to writing a children’s book that ministers the Gospel of Jesus to children by telling Daniel’s story!

Again look for the podcast to be up soon. Remember; Bring IT with Jesus in your everyday life and HAVE A HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

 Until next time… This is Michelle signing off… 




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