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Mindy joined us in the studio this week and will be jumping in as my new co-host after Tiffany stepped away from the mic after our last show. We opened the show with the following devotion after working through a slight technical glitch.

Key Verse:  “My peace is the legacy I leave to you. I don’t give gifts like those of this world. Do not let your heart be troubled or fearful.” ~John 14:27 (VOICE)

Devotion: “The promise of eternity is a reminder that God’s children are made for a renewed world. There is great comfort amid fear, knowing believers will be reunited with Jesus and joined with the Father. As believers labor together in this world—enduring pain, loss, and unfulfilled desires—they should be encouraged that in eternity all needs will be fulfilled in the presence of God.” ~ The Voice Bible Notes John 16 (V) p. 1316

Chelsea & Josh

Josh & Chelsea Barnes featuring their book during a recent book signing at Chisholm Trail Church.

Today’s show was especially close to my heart. One of the young women I watched grow up in her faith in our season at Chisholm Trail Church together with her husband experienced the tragic loss of their nearly 3 year old son Daniel when he fell into the pool at his birthday party and drowned.The couple joins us in the studio this week to share their amazing story of God’s grace, peace and the miraculous way He reaches into our times of trouble and meets our every need.

We met with Chelsea and Josh Barnes in the break room just outside the studio offices and briefed the show before we got on the air.

A few highlights from this week’s show:

1) We had some technical troubles at the beginning of the show but are learning to work through them and still deliver a quality program on time! That is the most fun.

2) Josh and Chelsea were very honest and real in sharing their story about August 4, 2012 and how God revealed the miracle of Daniel’s big day through a painting he did in Sunday school a few weeks before his third Birthday Party. At times the emotions were palpable, but the hope, the peace that passes all understanding that God delivered to this young couple only hours after they held their young son’s body for the last time comes through clearly and beautifully. As glorious as healing is – to hear the journey of someone who had to live through the hard, the messy and the painful to come out – to quote the book of Daniel – “Not Even Smelling of Smoke…” Is so powerful.

3) There are real moments of laughter, joy mingled with the deep emotions that accompany loss – a beautiful picture of sorrowing with hope.

4) A few things that stand out for me:

Josh’s ability to see God and hear God clearly  as the spiritual leader of his family. He is a quiet, gentle and godly man – and his precious prayer over his son the night before the Birthday Party demonstrates a depth of maturity and grace on his life that clearly paved the way for them to walk victoriously to this very painful reality.

Chelsea’s transparency and the way she shared about how they honestly had good days and bad days, but were thankful that somehow they found balance in that if one was struggling the other would be in a place of strength to help them through. The picture of Christ and the Church in Ephesians 5. BEAUTIFUL. -One thing that we talked about and I read in their testimony that did not make the show was Chelsea’s wisdom to turn to her husband as soon as they realized they would not be bringing their little boy home that day – she gave him such grace and encouragement. He had been the last one to instruct and care for Daniel before he slipped into the pool unbeknownst to the adults and family surrounding the pool that day. Chelsea instinctively knew he would be taking responsibility – assuming guilt that had no place in their life. She released him from it immediately. Honoring him and never wavering in her complete trust in him as her husband, her children’s father and his always giving his very best to his family.

It is said that the divorce rate is higher in marriages that suffer the loss of a child, but the statistics bear out that it is very comparable to the national averages of divorce under most any circumstance. What I learned through my own grief journey is that the process of loss and grief brings about changes that sometimes magnify the problems that already exist in troubled marriages and somehow strengthen those who have worked to have a good marriage. In short, troubled marriages usually experience more problems and good marriages usually end up stronger with a few exceptions in between.

Jesus to the Rescue (Daniel Barnes)   5) Our monthly subscriber resource pack winner is Kathy G. from Kansas. We still have one book “Jesus to the Rescue” based on the revelation Josh and Chelsea received through the gift of their young son’s artwork. It is the story of Daniel’s big day when he made the transition from his earthly home with his Mama, Daddy and Belle-Belle and went heavenward for the safest keeping until we all come together again. It helps children understand how God takes care of us and those we love even in death and boldly proclaims the Gospel of Jesus so they can understand. It is a beautiful answer to Josh’s prayer that his son’s life would impact millions of lives for Jesus.


Share your thoughts about their testimony and the book in comments to enter to win the book.

Winners will be announced on the 3/12/2014 Show.

Here is the painting with notes about the revelation that has brought much healing and peace to Daniel’s family:

image Chelsea and Josh are available to do book signings at your store, business location.

Connect with them on FACEBOOK.

You can purchase the book on Amazon here!


In light of everything we talked about today, I also pointed listeners to the Radio Broadcast for Dr. David Jeremiah. He is talking about the end times and will be teaching on the subject of what happens to children who do not reach the age of accountability or the ability to make a decision about the gospel. Follow this link to tune into his show from 2/27/2014.

As we closed the show we shared the gospel message and three points about getting through seasons of suffering and trouble in our lives. I encouraged our listeners to read John 14 and John 16 where Jesus talks about peace to His disciples as His journey takes Him nearer and nearer to the cross. In the John 16 passage we find this note:

“All His disciples mourn Jesus’ refusal to take His rightful place as a king and lead a revolution. Jesus knows political might, brute force, and earthly governments are not helpful tools in a battle for hearts. Spiritual revolutions are subversive. They are led by defiant acts of love (for example, healing, foot washing, and martyrdom). Laws do not change hearts, and violence induces hatred and fear. But a sincere community of faith in which love and hope are demonstrated even in the darkest hours will lead a spiritual revolution. It is time to go forward with open eyes and continue to labor as Christian citizens, placing hope only in the redemptive work of the gospel.” ~ The Voice Bible Notes John 16 (V) p. 1316

In times of trouble and suffering we can hold onto Jesus’ promise in John 16:33:

“In this world you will have trouble, but take heart – be encouraged and have courage in your hearts – for I have overcome the world!” (VOICE)

Our three points for dealing with seasons of suffering and finding peace:

1. Prepare. Allow yourself to pay attention to the times and ways God is speaking to you and preparing you for things to come. Just as Jesus prepared His disciples for what was coming for them – He also will speak to our hearts as walk through our seasons of life – both good and bad – by faith trusting His will and plan for our lives.

2. Promises. Hold onto His promises. Chelsea, Josh and I expressed how we had to return again and again to the things we knew about God to be true and good. His will for us is Life to the Full. His plans for us bring a hope and a future. He redeems all things and uses them for our good and His glory. Stand on His promises and remember that in Philippians 4:6-7 His word assures us that when we are anxious for NOTHING and with thanksgiving let God know what our needs and our concerns are that His peace that passes all understand will come to us and guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Hold onto that and continue to confess those promises into your life by faith even when everything in your life is screaming it isn’t true. God is Good and He has the power to overcome anything you face in this life. He has overcome the world.

3. PeaceReceive His peace, walk in it and know that His Peace is a legacy that will carry us through any and everything we will ever face in this life. It is a place of rest and trust that always brings victory. Be blessed until next time. Remember: #bringit with Jesus in Your Everyday Life!

Until next time, this is Michelle for Mindy and we’re signing off!

For more of Michelle’s story about her grieving season and the loss of her son, Justin, visit her Grieving Well Series

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