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GREAT SHOW TODAY! Michele called in from just outside of Syracuse, NY where it was snowing while we were on the air. I know she would rather be here in the mildly cool sunshine of Texas, but alas it did not work out for her to visit us in person today. MAYBE NEXT TIME!

Michele Miner joined us today to talk about her book, "The Word of God: Unleashing the Power of Scripture Memorization"

Michele Miner joined us today to talk about her book, “The Word of God: Unleashing the Power of Scripture Memorization”

A few highlights from the show:

Michele shared how God pressed her into Scripture imprinting (memorization) as she needed Scriptures for specific areas of her life. One particular story was about how she received a verse of Scripture in the morning before she went to work about our Lord being a strong tower. She shared how she did not know why that verse would be important, but she pressed into it – speaking it aloud throughout her morning until she at last arrived at work and found she had to climb a rather large tower that had grated floors at each level.

She said, “I don’t know about you but that can be pretty scary for someone who is afraid of heights!” I AGREE!

I might not have made the climb. Michele did. She climbed that tower confessing to herself that the Lord is a strong tower.

How blessed are those who observe His testimonies, Who seek Him with all their heart. Psalms 119:2 (NASB)


book picture

 Just the way she shared practical and applicable information about why Scripture imprinting is important to daily life as God taught it to her in her own life… She shares concise, practical and easy ways to apply what she teaches in her book, The Word of God: Unleashing the Power of Scripture Memorization. She provides the scriptural basis for imprinting Scripture, how to prepare to receive God’s imprinting and everyday tools and resources that will help you to make this personal for yourself. You can go to her website at and download a resource page with tools that will help you activate this today!

3. One of the great things she shared was how this is not a discipline that is born out of obligation – or just to check that task off her list. But rather, it is a spiritual discipline centered on relationship with God, discovering who He is and that His Word is alive and active – it is fresh, coming alive off the pages of Scripture as we read it.

4. One of the things that this brought up for me was how all of the Scripture that I know by heart, that has been imprinted into my heart has happened in the context of the necessity of my life and Bible study. As I began to meet God in the pages of His Word over and over again, daily, He began to imprint the words I read on my heart.

5. The most important thing shared on the show today is that we need to make it a practice of not only reading, studying and applying Scripture to our daily life, but we need to make it a practice to speak the words aloud and allow God to do the work. From the Holy Spirit quickening Scriptures that we need for our daily lives to gaining understanding so we can share these same Scriptures with others in a way they can understand – our confession by faith will lead to activation of these Scriptures which are the Word of God and carry both His power and His authority to change not only our circumstances, but our lives.

JUMP IN! Pick up the book today. Check out the Amazon link in the sidebar menu to order the book for shipment or instant access on your Kindle device.


TUNE IN | March 26th to hear from author and missionary, Sarah Robb Purcell, talking about her Bible study “To Know God” as we continue our theme on discipleship and knowing God through His Word. We’ll be live in the studio on Wednesday, March 26th from 11 am to 1 pm (CDT). Click here to listen online! 


Until then, this is Michelle for Mindy and we are signing off…

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