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Taking a page from Truvy from Steel Magnolias: Mindy and I have been “…busier than a one-armed paperhanger!”

But, we’re getting our lives back – if you know what I mean. In April we left off when Kyle McMurray joined us on the show to talk about his work in G3 Prison Ministries. But, we didn’t stop there even though we haven’t updated our blog post or podcast in AGES!

Well, if I am not exaggerating… It’s only been a couple of months but STILL! Too many months for this communicator. Since then we’ve had three guests on the show and a crazy lot of busyness in our personal lives.

At this very minute my little dog, Pogo, is having a spinning fit because he has just heard a car door shut outside and his social nature makes him want to go see who it is! I’ve got him quieted down now, and that just goes to say that even on the quiet days there is never a dull moment here at #theCreativeCottage.

On April 30th my husband and I moved to a little stone cottage out on Lake Granbury, which is officially a lake again with the recent rainfall. While I was on vacation in the Magic Kingdom part of our community actually flooded! (YIKES) We had been #prayingforrain to bring the lake back up.

In the meantime… I’ve also gotten myself a work-outside-the-home JOB! This means I’m working in Biblical Counseling and as Membership Director part time at the local church The Fisherman and I have been attending since September. Someone recently told me they get tired just reading my Facebook… Oh Bother! 

Mindy & her kiddoes thrive in their adventures of school kids on summer break. Her daughter, Danielle, joined us for the July 7th show ON THE AIR! There may or may not be a contingency plan for this sweet young talk show personality when school starts! Definitely tune in and see if she’s not just a pint sized jar of wisdom working itself out! 

Mindy and her family went to the beach in June, and I went with my extended family (29 of them to be exact) to Walt Disney World Resorts where my brother and his wife treated us to the Platinum Magic Your Way Vacation package at the Bay Lake Contemporary Resort

And our amazing Fishbowl Family has been making some positive moves to make it easier for you to tune in each week! You can now use the Tune In Radio App to listen to us on the FBRN Gospel Bowl channel each Wednesday at 11 am or 11 pm… Or you could just tune into both if you can’t get enough!

In between the move in May and the vacations in June we (Yes, her family & mine) also had ourselves a bit of car trouble, several weeks behind the mic with no guests and even a few weeks of airing archives. With that said… Here are a few details we may all be missing about the show!

So here’s the rundown of what we haven’t been posting: 

July 16 | Michelle & Mindy talking about When God’s Plan A is Our Plan B

July 7   | Michelle & Mindy  talking about Perspective

July 2   | Archive: Imprinting the Word with Michele Miner (03/12/2014)

June 25 | Archive: Mindy Behind the Mic talking Transition (04/30/2014)

June 18 | Archive: The Writing Life with Lena Nelson Dooley (05/14/2014)

June 11 | Michelle & Mindy talking to the Hurting, Broken and Bereaved

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The April 23rd show is in podcast production and should be coming online at Podomatic as I am typing this post. I will be working diligently the next few weeks to get our remaining archived shows up on the podcast links. Remember: Our podcast is available through iTunes within 24-48 hours of posting. Find it by searching iTunes Podcasts for Bring IT Radio! 

You are definitely now up to date and in the know about all things Bring IT Radio! We’d love to hear from you leave us a comment or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or by email to: You can also subscribe to our emails and newsletter update to get our upcoming show and guest information delivered right to your INBOX! Until next time… That’s A Wrap, 

This is Michelle for Mindy … Signing off. 

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