19 Nov 2014

 TUNE IN for the re-airing of an awesome interview with Pastor Kyle MacMurray,
who directs the After Care Program  G3 Prison Ministries (
Hear Kyle’s compelling testimony about how he went from incarceration to serving as
a lay leader and teacher in Freedom Ministries at Gateway Church right up to his role
as director of Aftercare Ministries for G3 Prison Ministries will have you cheering, clapping
and daring to believe God for more wherever you are in life.    G3 Prison Ministries serves to
disciple offenders and their families before, during, and after incarceration by teaching them
to give, grow, and guide. G3 is a non profit organization using the example of Jesus Christ to
reach out to people and families who have been affected by incarceration.
Do you know someone who’d benefit from @G3prison ministries? Call them and have them tune in!
JUMP IN! 11am to 1pm Today on  Bring IT Radio on the FishBowl Radio Network’s Gospel Bowl or (Grey bowl).
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Prison Minisrry
Yesterday’s offender is tomorrows’ neighbor

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