Christ’s Kingdom Ministries

“Jump in” 25 February 15, 11am-1pm and be blessed by the rebroadcast from 4 February of Mindy talking with Charles and Karen Tackett about their 15 year ministry called Christ’s Kingdom Ministries. God has called them to love and encourage pastors across denominational lines.  Their other ministries includes teaching the Word of God by the power of the Holy Spirit and teaching encouraging seminars. They facilitate marriage retreats and a ministry of deliverance.  Also they encourage and nurture spiritual children in their Christian Walk.  It is their desire as servants of the Lord to be an encourager and blessing by sharing the love of Jesus. Additionally, the ministry of Pappa Charlie and Momma Karen (as they are so lovingly known) shows the far-reaching effects that result from two called together to extend the love of Jesus.  God bless you all in your christian walk!

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