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Bring IT Radio was founded by Michelle through the dream and inspiration over a couple of years. I (Mindy) came into the studio for the first time during the second show of “Bring IT Radio” (Will You Be Mine? 02/12/2014)

I had discovered Michelle through a mutual Facebook Friend, and when I saw a post where fishing for a co-host, my interest was piqued. Michelle invited me to join them in the studio. Then, in the fall of 2014, Michelle felt called into a different ministry, and I felt called to continue. So, seeking to diligently follow God, I  hope you will join me in this journey to unpack some of the biblical truths and BringIt with Jesus, each and every day.


Michelle had discovered radio and her natural bent toward it nearly by accident. After responding to a friend’s invitation to consider being a guest on a local internet radio program. (She agreed to come on if she got a confirmation from the Lord.) She prayed briefly about it but didn’t get a definite answer. A few weeks later a direct message inquired if she had heard anything about being a guest. She prayed again and felt the release to join her friend on the air.

On February 13, 2012 Michelle sat behind the microphone for the first time at Fishbowl Radio Network waiting to begin bringing  a message about getting through life in “Pressure Cooker” seasons. That’s when it happened. God reminded her of a phone call she had received while on staff at the Dallas County District Clerk’s office seventeen years ago.

The gentleman who called in to get information about obtaining copies of records in the civil and family courts caught her completely off guard.

“This is Michelle, Deputy Clerk, Records Department for Dallas County District Clerk. How may I help you?”

“Hi… Have you ever considered going into radio?”

“No… Um… I wouldn’t know the first thing about that.”

“Well, you should because you have a great voice for it.”

“Okay… I’ll do that. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

The conversation turned to the routine of the copy business at the clerk’s office. After that day the phone call faded into the recesses of my life. Until that day in 2012, sitting behind the mic on my friend’s show. I began to ask questions during the break and within weeks had heard things from God about a coming change in my life.

After prayer, seeking wise counsel and my husband’s agreement I submitted my resignation for my position in vocational ministry and set my heart toward the creative pursuits God had birthed in my heart and mind over the previous five years walking out healing and growing in my redeemed identity in Christ.

In September 2012 I launched Blooming Inspiration Radio, a weekly inspirational radio show, designed to help people Embrace their Identity, Discover their Passion, Inspire Others and Live Life Fully Alive. My tag line for the show was “Blooming Where You’re Planted Is The First Step To Living Your Wildest Dreams!”

I enjoyed the show, and fell into a solid rhythm with guests and even sitting behind the mic alone talking to people beyond the soundboard listening online. We reached around 5,000 people a week during that season and the show took shape except… I got sick for six weeks both in the fall and spring while developing the show. Eventually I paid to air recently recorded archives and prayed to recover before realizing I should step away from the show and allow myself time to heal.

My life went through a major overhaul where my husband and I made some significant changes in order to adjust and move forward. This included a move to Granbury to recover to from several financial losses. I had no plans to return to radio though my heart longed to get back to teaching through the internet and helping others connect to God’s heart through creative expression.


That is UNTIL… January 15, 2014. As I worked on personal coaching files I received an instant message from the station owner inviting me to consider returning to FBRN to do my show. I shot a quick feeler out into my Facebook world…

Michelle's FB query looking for a co-host January 15, 2014.

Michelle’s FB query looking for a co-host January 15, 2014.

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Within a few minutes my Facebook Messenger was all abuzz with responses. Tiffany, my co-host for the first two airings of Bring IT Radio, decided to come on board and try it to see it would fit with her already busy schedule teaching dance and caring for her growing family. Eventually, she determined that she needed to step away from the microphone for this season and with Mindy fresh out of the studio I called to offer her the opportunity for the open seat at the soundboard. I think in all my strategic-maximizing excitement I just threw Tiffany on my back and drug her into the radio show world, but at any rate… She brought great value to our shows for the time she was on board, and I’m grateful we got to spend that time together. 

Mindy came on board to be Michelle’s regular co-host on February 26, 2012, and was a  great compliment to Michelle’s straight forward communication style. Michelle always said I kept her relationally connected. I’m excited for what the future holds for us at Fishbowl Radio Network this go around.

We’re making it a go with #bringIT Radio airing the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month in the Gospel Bowl on the FishBowl Radio Network. Our first show aired on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. Visit our connection page to find out about all the ways you can connect to us on Bring IT Radio. Be sure to check out FishBowl Radio Network | The #1 personality driven internet radio station in the country!

And that’s a WRAP!

Signing off,

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