Christ’s Kingdom Ministries

For the last fifteen years, Charles and Karen Tackett have had a ministry to pastors called Christ’s Kingdom Ministries. God has called them to love and encourage pastors across denominational lines. They travel extensively throughout the United States spending one on one time with pastors and their families. It is their desire that these servants of the Lord be encouraged and blessed by the love of Jesus that they share. Additionally, the ministry of Pappa Charlie and Momma Karen (as they are so lovingly known) shows the far-reaching effects that result from two called together to extend the love of Jesus. Here is a glimpse of their vision:

*Love, Encourage and Fellowship with Pastors, Church Leaders and Families

*Teach and Preach the Word of God by the Power of the Holy Spirit

*Facilitate Marriage Retreats and Seminars

*Teach Seminars concerning: Forgiveness, Love, Abiding in Christ, The Tongue, Prayer and Intercession, Relationships, Letting Your Children Go, Healing of the Hurting Heart, Fear, Rejection, Trust God, Believe God and Obedience

*Personal Testimony of Healing

*Adopt Spiritual Children to Love, Encourage and Nurture in their Christian Walk

*Facilitate the Ministry of Deliverance

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