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Chronological BibleJoin Mindy Dawn and I (Cindy, Mindy’s Mom) as we are reading through the Word of God this year using the Chronological Bible. It is a fascinating opportunity to read the Bible in what they believe to be the order in which the events would have happened. It starts with Genesis and goes for several chapters, then switches over to the Book of Job, then back to Genesis to finish out the month of January.

I don’t know about you, but personally I (Cindy, Mindy’s Mom) haven’t always been very successful with sticking with a reading plan. Many times I had started reading my Bible daily at the beginning of the year and been very faithful at first, but as the months went by, I didn’t finish as strong. The result: I have read the Book of Genesis through dozens of times.

So, if you are like me and you know the Book of Genesis like the back of your hand, but aren’t quite as well-versed on the rest of the Bible, then join us today, February 1st, and start with the Book of Exodus. If you are looking for a reading plan, there are several great apps such as found on Olive Tree and YouVersion that include a Chronological Bible plan. Or you can buy a Chronological Bible if you’d rather.

As the year goes by, we’ve love to hear what God is teaching you from His Word. Just make a comment below.

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